What to Wear on a First Date!

Ok, though you could throw on your favorite hoodie, there’s more to dressing for a first date than meets the eye. Whether you agree or disagree, most women care about the way you’re dressed.  Moreover, male celebrities have raised the bar forever. David Beckham and Tom Hardy have not made it easy on the rest of us. As long as women care about clothes (their own as well as ours), we’re just going to have to face the facts. Now that we’ve agreed on these basic principles, let’s look at a guide for some great (comfortable) styles.  The following seven essentials have passed the litmus test for that special date.

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Boot-Cut Jeans

They are classic and just right for most first dates. Just make sure that they’re made from quality dark denim. Jeans can be dressed down or up to suit the event. A straight cut, like the Eclypse design, found at the Yd. store will fit your build. This is the key to dressing right for that special night.

A Striped Button-Down

If you decide to dress the jeans up a bit, a designer button-down with smart vertical stripes (possibly in grey-blue and white) will make you look taller and trimmer. Then it’s up to you whether you want to tuck it in and add a belt.

A Belt (?)

The decision is yours; it may very well depend on where you’ve decided to take your date. Nonetheless, if you should decide to wear a belt, keep it simple. Additionally, select a belt that matches the style of your shoes.

A Trim T-shirt

If you’ve decided not to where a button down, a ribbed t-shirt with a V-neck may fit the bill. Ultra-comfortable, it will be easy to make a clear statement about your relaxed and comfortable style while still looking touch-ably good!

A Plaid Flannel Shirt

Incredibly, most women love flannel on men. Maybe it’s that lumberjack thing, who knows? Although the look isn’t well suited to summer nights, plaid flannel in a dark colour mixed with black is tried and true!

A Cotton Sweater

For cooler nights, a cotton sweater is another sure bet. With this acceptable choice, it will be easy to look great… stylish yet not overdone. Whether it’s a crew or V-neck, a sweater will enhance your look, in a way that is fashionable and classy.

A Suit Jacket

For that dressy date, a traditional two-button sports jacket is definitely not out of the question. You can usually get away with wearing clothes that are more casual on first dates. However, you will appear like one of the best-dressed men of the year with a jacket, button-down shirt, narrow tie, and lace-up shoes. This way, you’ll be styling with the big boys.

Just make sure, whatever you choose, that the look you decide on is compatible with your personality. Although you’ll want to impress, you also need to be yourself. After all, if there is going to be a second date, you’ll want to establish the kind of man you really are right from the start.