4 Essentials for a Happy Hour Menu

Is your new and growing restaurant looking to bring in new customers? One of the best ways to draw in crowds of strangers is to implement a great happy hour menu.

Happy hours can contain drinks or food (or both) and they’re a great way for new customers to try out your restaurant for a discounted price. Don’t worry, lower prices won’t hurt you in the end. You’ll be making more money when those customers turn into repeat customers.

But what goes into a great happy hour? How do you capture the attention of people searching for “the best happy hour near me?”

We want to help. Keep reading for a few happy hour essentials that will draw the crowds.

1. Awesome Sharables

When you go out for a happy hour, what’s one thing that you’re looking for?

Is it snacks to share with your friends? If so, we’re in the same boat. Everyone loves a good sharable appetizer. They’re great for people who come to drink and great for anyone who’s taking a quick break from their daily activities.

Groups of friends love sharing appetizers, and many use them as a sampler tour of your restaurant. Don’t stop with the peanuts and veggie trays. People will pay for the nicer options!

2. Great Variety

You want to make sure that your menu is appropriate for everyone. Happy hour may be a limited menu situation, but make sure those limitations don’t exclude any potential customers.

You want a good mix of options that fit different dietary preferences and restrictions. For example, not having a vegan or vegetarian option will drive away customers who eat that way. Not offering a gluten-free option will exclude those customers who can’t eat gluten. These customers might assume that your standard menu excludes them as well.

Check out this restaurant that has a variety that’s perfect for happy hour.

3. Drinks of All Kinds

Don’t limit your customers to rail drinks, cheap beers, or even alcoholic beverages in general. You want to show off your best, so consider a mixed drink special or a special on expensive beer options instead.

You should also include a few “mocktails”. Remember, not everyone drinks alcohol but they still want to experience what you have to offer. Don’t drive away designated drivers with boring drink options.

4. Tasty Full Meals

Do you include meals on your happy hour menu?

Many restaurants only offer one full meal at a time: perhaps a burger or a pasta dish. As we mentioned, variety is key, so try to have at least three or four meal options.

They can be special experiments from the chef or some of your standard fare offered at a discount.

Does Your Happy Hour Menu Need Work?

Is your happy hour menu built to attract customers or drive them away? Bring it to the next level so your new customers will be happy to join you for your next happy hour.

Remember, make the drinks and the food great, and the customers will follow. Happy hour options are just as important as your standard ones.

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