Accessorize: Prepare for Your Next Business Meeting in Style

Get to your next business meeting in style...!

Dressing for work can be a challenge for some men because you need to find a style that strikes the right balance of professionalism and functionality. Creating appropriate outfits for business meetings doesn’t have to be a challenge; all you need are a few key pieces in your wardrobe. Here are a few accessories that will take your work wardrobe from basic to professional:

A Realistic Suitcase
Although many men have opted out of carrying a suitcase, the reality remains…we need them! Women have their purses and we have, what? When there is an upcoming business meeting, nothing states your dedication and professionalism more than showing up with all of your presentation documents strategically placed in a sleek and solid leather suitcase. After all, we need somewhere to put all of our manly things don’t we?

A Functional Business Card Holder
Every entrepreneur needs to have his business cards nearby, so it’s essential to have a multi-functional business card holder on you at all times. Picking a snappy cardholder can really boost your confidence when attempting to make that business connection while adding a touch of visual interest to your overall look. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for something bulky from your office supply store that won’t fit in your pocket, instead, check out specialty stores such as All-Ett and find something unique, sophisticated and above all, functional.

It’s a well-known fact that men have a loving relationship with their footwear. After all, we know a thing or two when it comes to the importance of a man’s shoe. When selecting shoes for a business meeting, it’s important to choose an option that offers both style and comfort. Nothing says you are unprepared then a bad pair of loafers with your nicely pressed suit, step up your game guys and splurge a little on some shoes that were made for men.

Don’t Underestimate The Watch
Women doll up their outfits with an outrageous array of accessories, from earrings to necklaces and more. Guys, we can feel just as “fancy” in fact, we can feel even better with a watch that will stop time it looks so good. Get your boss’s attention with a vintage beauty, we promise his respect for you will sky rocket.

Socks & Ties
Socks are like ties, they say a lot about a man. Just like watches allow men to express their fashion side, socks and ties allow you to be a little fun with your office look. No more overflowing array of boring gray and black in the office these days.

Dressing for work shouldn’t be a chore. A man should take pride in his appearance, especially in the work place. The key is to look sharp and confident, after all you want your clients and colleagues to admire you and trust what you have to offer. Take a stand with your wardrobe…man up!