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The Green Shift: Save The World (And Your Bank Account) With Hybrid Cars

These days, change is sweeping across the United Kingdom, as people are beginning to realise the enormous costs of living in a world where ever increasing emissions of carbon dioxide are allowed to continue unabated. Floods and violent storms that have ravaged the countryside over the past few years has only strengthened this conviction, inducing the public to take whatever action they can to help turn the tide against global climate change. From taking up cycling, to monitoring and reducing energy

What will people be driving this summer?

Now that the Christmas and New Year periods are over and we have returned to that January lull that is neither here nor there, there are a great many people no doubt already willing the cold weather to make itself disappear. Unfortunately, that is not something that anyone can control, but one of the ways that we often try and get through this month of drudgery is to look forward to the summer days when temperatures will warm up, the days get longer and everyone is quite simply just in a better