How dating has changed

Over the years, it's amazing how dating has changed ... photo by CC user 日:Muramasa on wikimedia commons

Technically dating has never been easier, finding a mate, the love of your life or simply a one night stand is as simple as looking online. Dating in the internet age whether that’s using online dating websites, geo-targeted apps or even social media has opened up possibilities of connecting with a potential partner.

With these changes in how we find someone, also comes changes in attitude of both sexes. According to research conducted by online voucher website My Voucher Codes found that 55% of men and women in the UK thought that traditional values of courtship between couples do not apply now. They surveyed men and women in the UK to find out if there really is a battle between the sexes and whether or not chivalry is dead. 52% of men said no when asked: Traditional values of courtship between couples still apply today?” Compared to 58% of women also said no.

The competitiveness of dating in the 21st century shows how technology has changed the way we even look for a partner. Those taking part in the survey were also asked about other aspects of dating which showed some interesting results:

  • 35% of men feel that meals should be shared 50/50
  • 41% of women don’t expect men to pay for the whole date
  • 57% of men and 71% of women, don’t feel the need to call the next day after a date
  • Sex on the first date is now more acceptable according to 37% of men and women
  • 29% of men and women are happy to arrange a date via social media than by calling
  • 33% of men and women admit to looking up their date online beforehand

My Voucher Codes decided to show key changes of the last 50 years which have had an effect on the way we date:


Mark Pearson founder of MyVoucherCodes spoke about their research:

“Love is never simple, even though now we have more technology helping us to find a partner, it can feel like it has never been more complicated. It’s no surprise traditional dating values are no longer considered as important as they once were, as dating now is so different. In addition changes to how we view equality and strides made by feminists, mean a lot of men now see women as their equals, so they are more than happy to share the cost of a date. And it seems women are more than happy to pay their share.”

He added:

“History and events have also shaped how we date, it’s easy to forget even 20 to 30 years ago we were actually pretty liberal. We had the sexual revolution in the 1960’s and hedonistic lifestyles of rock stars. Promiscuity become more widely accepted as previous values which had once guided many people were now been blurred with new found freedoms.”

To find out more about the research and dating head to 50Connect.