Top 5 must have electronic devices

Smartphones are an example of some must have electronic devices ... photo by CC user pestoverde on Flickr

We live in the 21st century and electronic devices are an integral part of our life. There has been a shift in our basic needs and most people would now add Wi-Fi to the list. We don’t ask for a cup of sugar, we ask for Wi-Fi passwords from our neighbours. In times like these, if you wish to keep up with technology there are certain things that are an absolute must have. What makes it better is you can buy these online using Amazon coupon codes.

Here is a list of the latest must have electronic devices…

  1. Smartphone

This one was probably a no-brainer. There is a reason they are now called smartphones and not just phones. You can use one to make video calls, send emails, transfer money, as a camera, to record videos and much more. We can now do all that with the help of a device that fits in our palm and is available at our fingertips. Having a smartphone is a must in order to stay connected with the world.

  1. Portable charger/ Power bank

We spend a lot of time working, either from our phones or computers and if there was one wish we could be granted, we would all probably wish for unlimited battery life. We realise our phone is about to die only at the last minute. Charging it might not always be easy, since it’s difficult to find a power plug while travelling. To avoid this mess and other such issues, all you have to do is buy a power bank. Just don’t forget to charge it!

  1. Kindle

In case you aren’t someone who reads than this one might seem slightly irrelevant. But for those who belong to the reader community, this one is an absolute blessing. Kindle helps you carry multiple books without weighing you down and you can carry it around in your sleek handbag or when you go our camping. Go wherever you want, this one small device will help you read your way through it.

  1. Headphones

This one belongs more to the accessories category but it is still a device that helps you out when you are in trouble. Like when you have to go to that boring engagement function, or when there is a noisy kid on the plane. Noise cancellation headphones can instantly become your best friend. You can slip them into your pockets or take them along for a run. They’re available in a wide range of colours, so you can pick one that flaunts your personality.

  1. GPS Navigator

This nifty piece of technology fits in your car and helps you find your way to almost anything. You’re never going to feel lost again! This one also helps you stay safe, you won’t have to stop and ask for directions and it makes sure you take all the right turns! In case you are planning a road trip anytime soon then put this on your shopping list too. Carrying a map is a little too out dated, isn’t it?