NZT48 fictional smart pill from the movie Limitless

Is there a smart pill like NZT48 out there?

In the movie Limitless, the character played by Bradley Cooper takes a pill, called NZT48. This pill enables him to think faster, understand new information, and greatly enhances memory. Similar plot lines have been used in other science fiction stories and movies. The amazing results shown in the movie have led many to search online for NZT 48 pills from Limitless.

Are These Pills Real?

This is a common question among fans of the movie and science fiction fans in general. While that particular pill exists in the minds of the writers, there are pills on the market that will help boost memory, focus, and concentration. You can find more information about NZT48 from movie Limitless on Brain Enhancement Advisor.

Scientific Breakthroughs

Modern science has brought science fiction closer to reality with the discovery of nootropic substances. These nutrients can be found in plant extracts and foods and work to increase blood flow to the brain, support neurotransmission, and boost energy. Because you would have to eat very large quantities of the foods that naturally contain these substances, most people prefer to use supplements.

The Development of Smart Pills

The discovery of the effects of these substances on brain function has led to the development of supplements for improving memory, focus, concentration, and mental energy. Supplements have been used effectively by people with ADHD, older individuals worried about age related memory loss, and those interested in achieving better results at school and at work. Some products are strictly for adults, while others are formulated for kids.

Separating Quality Pills from Junk

There are good supplements available that deliver amazing results for improving cognitive function, memory, and energy. However, it is up to the consumer to determine whether a particular product will work for them. Advertising can be convincing, but it isn’t enough to rely on advertisements alone when selecting a supplement. Some products offer no more benefit than drinking coffee during the day. If you want lasting results and sustained improvements in memory, buy a quality supplement.

The Best Ingredients

While caffeine is present in many supplements, it isn’t the best way to boost focus and increase memory. Too much caffeine can lead to side effects, such as headaches, feeling jittery or nervous, and difficulty sleeping at night, which only contributes to low energy levels and difficulty concentrating. There are many nootropic substances that offer better results than caffeine with fewer side effects. It is important to research the ingredients when shopping for supplements, as its the best way to protect your health.

Product Reviews

Although you won’t find an NZT48 review for a fictional product, reading supplement reviews is a good way to find quality supplements and avoid wasting your money. Don’t rely on reviews and testimonials that are found on manufacturers’ websites. Some only post positive reviews and the most unscrupulous have been caught paying for reviews or having them written by people affiliated with the company selling the product. Independent reviews and opinions of people using these supplements are better sources.