Springtime essentials for your garden

What things and actions are springtime essentials for your garden?

Well, you’ve survived the winter and can start looking forward to coming out of hibernation and getting out and about in your garden.

The springtime is a great time to get the jobs you have been putting off for months done. The weather is forgiving enough to ensure that you can spend some time outdoors without turning blue and any improvements that you make now will be like an investment for the summer when you can spend long, lazy days in your garden getting a nice tan and watching the sun fall below the horizon.

Here are some springtime garden priorities you should try and get sorted as soon as possible.


The English weather is always the main obstacle to some quality garden time. If you wake up and see the sun blasting through your curtains, you want to make the most of it and that doesn’t mean jumping in the car to go and look for a BBQ. Get your barbecue sorted in the springtime and you will have it ready and waiting for the impromptu garden party of your dreams.

Better yet, if you invest in a high-quality barbecue such as some of the Weber models you’ll find that you’ll not need to replace it for years, meaning that a chance of a decade of perfectly-cooked burgers and summer sunshine await. Look for Weber models here.

Garden furniture

Once you have your barbecue on the go and you are creating alfresco culinary masterpieces, you’re going to need somewhere to sit down.

The springtime is a great time to buy or upgrade your existing dining furniture and give it time to bed into your garden before you make the most use of it during the summer.

Some things to look out for when picking a set of tables and chairs are:

The price: How much do you want to spend? Are you planning to use your patio as an extension to your home or will it only be used on occasion?

The material: Wood, metal and plastic can all be made weatherproof, but some are more comfortable and flexible than others.

The size: The number of chairs and length of your table will determine how many people can enjoy a meal outside. You’re never going to have enough seating space for an entire party, but you could get enough for an extended family.

Spring cleaning

You’re probably going to spend a weekend or two giving your interior a lick of paint or at least a good tidy up, so why not do the same outdoors? This may include simply getting rid of the winter debris and dead plants in the flower beds or it could be more significant, with many gardeners opting to get their landscaping done in the spring.

Plant some colour

Many casual gardeners associate the spring with daffodils and tulips, but if you wanted these to bloom in your garden, you should have really planted the bulbs between October and December before the first frost. However, there is a great array of ephemeral flowers such as lilies and hellebores for you to choose from at the garden centre at this time of year.