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5 Tips For Always Looking Your Best

Feeling like no matter what you do, people aren't seeing you for the stand-up guy that you really are? Honestly, if you you see another jerk getting a date while you're left all by your lonesome, you will probably lose your mind. Trust us, we believe you: you probably are an awesome dude worth getting to know, and you would make some lucky person very happy. The unfortunate aspect of mating is this, pal: first impression count much more than you think. Before you get defensive, take a long honest

Six Articles Of Clothing That Will Improve Your Health

Clothing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about things that can improve health. However, some articles of clothing have been shown to improve health. Below are six articles of clothing that will improve your health: Slimming Slippers There are a lot of weight loss products out there. However, many people have never heard of slimming slippers. These slippers cover about 2/3 percent of your feet. The manufacturers claim that people who wear slimming slippers