5 Tips For Always Looking Your Best

If you're a guy that focusing on how to look attractive, shaving or grooming your facial hair daily is an absolute must!

Feeling like no matter what you do, people aren’t seeing you for the stand-up guy that you really are? Honestly, if you you see another jerk getting a date while you’re left all by your lonesome, you will probably lose your mind. Trust us, we believe you: you probably are an awesome dude worth getting to know, and you would make some lucky person very happy.

The unfortunate aspect of mating is this, pal: first impression count much more than you think. Before you get defensive, take a long honest look at yourself and ask yourself this: in what departments could I improve my physical appearance? While you shouldn’t get too absorbed in this aspect of yourself, it is a metric that the vast majority of soulmate seekers place a high value upon.

As a result of this, it is important that you don’t neglect the impression that your outer self is giving people. To help you in this quest, the following five tips on how to look attractive will help you look the very best you can from day to day.

1) Wash your face twice per day

Over the course of a day or night, the pores on our faces release oils, we encounter dust and dirt that accumulates on it, and hot environments cause it to perspire. All of these factors and more can cause our face to take on a rough appearance, and if your pores end up getting blocked, unsightly pimples and blemishes can develop. By undertaking proper men’s face care by washing your face at least twice a day, you can largely avoid these problems.

2) Shave or groom your facial hair daily 

While the harried pace of life can induce us to lag behind in this department, having thin wisps of hair on your face if you’re usually smooth, or frazzled uneven growth if you maintain a beard/mustache/goatee can transmit an unattractive vibe to potential mates or friends. By taking five minutes to shave or groom, you’ll gain an added burst of confidence from having everything on your face in order.

3) Get your hair cut more often

Whether you grow out your hair or keep it short, you probably don’t get your hair cut as often as you should be doing it. Hair stylists recommend getting a trim every 2 to 3 weeks if you are keeping it close, and once every 4 to 6 weeks if you are growing it out. The reason for the latter regime is this: if you don’t get your edges trimmed regularly, they will split. Also, that neck hair … ugh! Get it trimmed too!

4) Get clothes that fit and suit your personality

Even stylish clothes that don’t fit will look out of place on you. Get your measurements done, and make sure that any shirt you have goes past the hips, pant legs should go beyond the ankles, and shirt sleeves should cover your wrists. Additionally, take some serious time to experiment with the colors of your clothes, seeing whether cool or warm colors suit you. Wearing colors you like and that mesh with your personality will add to the balance in your confidence bank account.

5) Eat well, exercise regularly, carry yourself with confidence

While proper hygiene and style will help you work with the body you have presently, the most massive gains in appearance can be realized by improving your diet, body composition and your posture. Start eating better, avoiding simple carbs, and replacing it with more vegetables and protein-dense foods. If you are sedentary, get off your butt and go for a walk each day, with the goal of lengthening each subsequent jaunt. Stop looking at the ground, stand up straight, and look people in the eyes when you speak to them.

All of these tips will start you down a path where all the people around you will begin to find you more attractive than before … so get out there and get started, stud!