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Accessorize: Prepare for Your Next Business Meeting in Style

Dressing for work can be a challenge for some men because you need to find a style that strikes the right balance of professionalism and functionality. Creating appropriate outfits for business meetings doesn’t have to be a challenge; all you need are a few key pieces in your wardrobe. Here are a few accessories that will take your work wardrobe from basic to professional: A Realistic Suitcase Although many men have opted out of carrying a suitcase, the reality remains…we need them! Women

How you should get ready for a first date!

While it’s tempting to believe that any woman will fall at the feet of a greasy, beer-bellied, belching guy with spaghetti Bolognese stains all over his t-shirt (he ate Bolognese three days ago), we all know that slobs rarely get the girl. Instead, it’s those well-groomed, Brad Pitt types that women swoon over. You know– guys with six packs that would make an advert for Diet Coke look tame and a jawline so sharp that it could chop down a great oak tree with its manliness. Yeah, you’re thinking,

5 Essential Accessories for the First Date!

The key to a killer first date is all about making a good first impression. Everything from your job title to your drink choice will be scrutinized, pulled apart and analyzed throughout the evening and in the days following. And while there are dozens of tips and tricks for playing up your confidence and eliciting a flirty, emotional response, the easiest way to keep her interested in you is to entice her with your physical appearance. The truth is that women care just as much about your appearance

A guide to bike clothing trends in 2014

There are plenty of events happening throughout 2014 to keep motorbike enthusiasts happy, and if you haven't gone too mad on New Year's Eve, you could even consider attending the so-called Hangover Meet on New Year's Day. January 2014's main events Held at the Ace cafe in Stonebridge, London, the event will give bikers the chance to get their fix of trade stands and private and club displays. Arguably the first main event of 2014 is the Manchester Motorcycle Show, which will showcase

5 Style Tips Any Guy Can Manage

In the networking and dating worlds, any edge you can get on other contenders can mean the difference between getting the job/girl, or falling just short because your prospect found something in your competition that was just a bit better. This fact shouldn’t be intimidating to you – it should be inspiring.  While some aspects of your daily life can be dominated by cutthroat competitors, much of the time, you can obtain superior results in your personal and professional life by being dramatically