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How to manage your time effectively

You find yourself reading it everywhere these days - working hours getting longer, demands of the job getting busier, more demanding. As a result, time management has become crucial when it comes to furthering your career by making sure your hours are not being wasted by menial tasks that, frankly, you could do without. Getting the most out of your day is not as easy as it necessarily sounds. While planning and writing everything down in terms of how your week is set to run is a great first

Interacting with attendees after your event

Organising events takes up time and resources, so it’s important to get the best possible return on that investment. But a good event doesn’t have to stop adding value once the delegates are out of the door. As part of a broader but well-integrated marketing strategy, events can help you develop fruitful relationships with potential customers, suppliers, partners and others. The preparation begins long before, and the work continues for some time afterwards. Make the most of your data Pre-event