Tips for Roulette Enthusiasts

Tips for Roulette can help you win more ... photo by CC user GregMontani on pixabay

If you are looking for some useful tips about how to play roulette and gather the maximum winning chances, then there is no better person who can reliably answer your questions than roulette dealers, pit bosses, and casino owners. Each of these individuals are exposed to the game of roulette on a daily basis, and they may provide you a better insight about the physics of this exciting game.

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As mentioned above, casino staffs are normally the people who are more exposed to roulette wheels. However, you may be asking yourself if these dealers may just give you tips that are similar to an unexperienced players, as their role in the first place is just to spin the wheel, without necessarily having to study the wheel and the physics that could prove to be advantageous to players. With years of gathered experienced spinning roulette wheels, these individuals have probably become keen observers and their observations may be the key that could relate to the predictability or unpredictability of spins.

If you ask dealers if they believe roulette can be beaten in brick and mortar casinos, you might be surprised to hear some of them answer positively to this question. However, you will also find out that this can only occur in certain strict and rare circumstances. A good example would be a wheel bias. This primarily happens when there is a physical defect of the roulette wheel, which increases the probability of certain numbers to win more than others. Overall, most dealers have a very imprecise knowledge that could beat roulette.

Pit bosses are usually the serious-looking individuals who watch over a group of roulette wheels at a time. They have various roles such as surveillance of the smooth running of the games, assuring that dealers are doing their job as it should be done, and handing any kind of disputes that may arise. And when it comes to the knowledge of roulette prediction, you can expect them to generally have the same understanding than the dealers. They too might point out that roulette can only be beaten in exceptional circumstances. As for the casino owners, many of them have very little understanding of the games found in their own casino. For them, the game of roulette is just another of their investment that is a revenue source. All they may reveal to you is that they know there are some professional players, which they call “advantage players”, who sometimes put their revenue source at risk. Casino owners consider these advantage players as just an accepted casino hazard which can’t do much harm to their business if they take the right measures to deal with them.

Einstein famously quoted “you cannot beat the roulette table”, and he precisely mentioned roulette table and not roulette wheel. A biased roulette wheel in a land based casino may be advantageous in a way to players, however when it comes to online roulette, there is no physical wheel or anything that could physically interfere with the fair outcome of this game. Thus if you wish to play a game of roulette where fairness prevailed, without having the possibility of any unfair advantage to the house or yourself, then the best option is to play online, where the outcome is solely determined with a reliable random number generator.