Tips to Pull Off Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses can be one of the trickiest parts of a wedding to organize. Any group of bridesmaids will have their own style, opinions, and different body types, making it hard to find a dress to please everyone. This is why the mix and match bridesmaid dresses trend is here to stay! Your bridesmaids can complement each other while wearing a dress that you (and they) love. For some inspiration, we’ve put together four of our favorite mix and match bridesmaid dress looks. 

Same Color Different Style 

With neutral colors consistently trending for weddings, cheap bridesmaid dresses are always a great choice. This color beautifully complements a white bridal gown and other popular wedding colors like blue, emerald, or brown. With complementary chiffon material and different necklines, these three long elegant dresses are flattering but different enough that your bridesmaids can choose a dress that best compliments their style. The dresses for this look are available in a number of different colors so can be easily switched to better match your wedding color scheme.


Ombré bridesmaid dresses are contemporary and look striking in wedding photos. Tonal palettes stop your bridesmaids from looking too cookie cutter and let you match the color of each dress to your bridesmaids’ individual preferences. If you’re considering an ombré palette for your bridal party, choose the same dress in different shades of your chosen color, or mix and match styles and colors. For this look, we’ve chosen four of our most popular bridesmaid dress styles, all in differing shades of purple. Our popular long evening dresses is available in three shades of purple and is a perfect choice for this look. If you would prefer to give your bridesmaids the option of two different styles, our lilac sleeveless dress contrasts perfectly with the richer purple of our exquisite ever pretty dresses.

Chiffon is a classic choice for a bridesmaid dress, but with sequin and silk and other materials becoming increasingly popular for bridesmaid dresses, consider mixing and matching different materials in the same color. For this style you could even combine the ombré trend, choosing different materials in different shades of the same color. These burgundy bridesmaid dresses options combine chiffon, lace sleeves, and stunning sequins. Combine two of these dresses or even all three to create a striking look for your wedding.   

Print & Solid Color

Combining prints with a solid color is contemporary and stylish. For this look, we recommend keeping things consistent by choosing one print and one solid color in the same or a similar shade. We love florals and think this look is beautiful with a feminine floral print and complementary shade. We’ve chosen two dresses that perfectly embody this style, an elegant empire waist dress in a pale pink and a gorgeous spaghetti strap floral print dress. These dresses perfectly complement each other and will look stunning at a spring or summer wedding.  

With so many different mix and match bridesmaid dresses to choose from for your bridesmaids, you can be sure your girls will be walking you down the aisle in style. This trend is here to stay and with so many options you can find a look that will make you and your bridesmaids happy.