Six Articles Of Clothing That Will Improve Your Health

Boxer shorts are one piece of clothing that will Improve your health

Clothing is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when people think about things that can improve health. However, some articles of clothing have been shown to improve health. Below are six articles of clothing that will improve your health:

Slimming Slippers

There are a lot of weight loss products out there. However, many people have never heard of slimming slippers. These slippers cover about 2/3 percent of your feet. The manufacturers claim that people who wear slimming slippers can lose weight in just three weeks.

The slimming slippers are based on the principles of acupressure and reflexology. The slipper has a bulky heel, and the creators claim that it helps stimulate the digestive organs. The slipper also has three magnets on the heel. The manufacturers have stated that magnets help improve blood circulation, digestion and increase metabolism. People are encouraged to walk around with the slippers for 2.5 hours per day for the best results.

Boxer Shorts

Fertility is a problem that couples all around the world suffer from. With that being said, any help in the fertility department can be tremendous. One theory behind men and infertility and loss of sperm count relies on the idea that men who wear boxer shorts and/or loose fitting pants can actually increase their sperm count.

Clothes To Cure Depression

Diana Irani, who is a designer in London, has invented clothing that has herbal medicine inside it. She claims that this clothing can help cure depression. She also stated that this clothing can help cure insomnia and eczema. Small microcapsules of herbal medicine are placed inside of the fabric of the fibers. This clothing works almost the same as a nicotine patch.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are often worn by athletes and people who suffer from vein problems. They can help minimize muscle fatigue and prevent cramps. Compression socks can also help decrease the buildup of lactic acid. Additionally, compression socks help increase blood flow and decreases the formation of blood clots, which is why they are often recommended for bedridden patients.

Athletic Braces

Athletic braces
are typically worn on the ankle, knees or foot. They are designed to help
prevent injury by stabilizing the joints. Athletic braces can also be used to support joints that have already been injured.

The MBT Shoes

MBT Shoes were created by a Swiss engineer named Karl Muller. He studied the Masai tribes in Africa and noticed that they rarely suffered from joint problems despite the fact that they frequently carried heavy loads. The reason that Masai tribes rarely suffer from joint problems is because they have a relaxed walking style and upright posture.

MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. Muller created a shoe that transforms a flat surface into an uneven ground. This forces the body to walk differently, which alleviates back problems and improves posture.

The articles of clothing that you wear could have a positive impact on your health. Slimming slippers, MBT shoes, athletic braces, boxer shorts and compression socks are examples of clothing that can improve your health. There is also clothing with herbal medicine available that could possibly help treat depression.