5 Inspiring Stories of Male Weight Loss Transformations

The obesity rate for young American men is 40.3%. Over the age of 40, that jumps up to 46.4%.

It’s no secret there’s an obesity problem in the United States, but not quite enough attention is paid to male weight loss transformations, even though their rates of obesity are higher than women’s.

Ready to Be Inspired?

So let’s take a little time to appreciate these transformations that men have achieved through diet, nutrition, a new exercise workout, and more to reduce their belly fat.

Take some inspiration from these guys. Lifting weights, following a guide on paleo meals, or taking up jogging are great ways to get in shape.

Actor Zach Galifiankis

Zach Galifiankis changed his look completely by dropping a ton of weight due to lifestyle changes. Often cast as weird sidekicks at his heaviest, Zach turned quite debonair with few a less pounds.

To succeed in his projected 50-pound loss, Zach quit drinking and cut those extra calories out of his consumption. Looking—and no doubt feeling great—Zach is an inspiration.

Youtuber Aaron Burriss

While everyone else is trying to stay motivated to get off the couch and stay in shape despite quarantine restrictions, YouTuber Aaron Burriss lost 45 pounds. He switched up his diet and added in some workouts with his brother.

He went from well over 200 pounds to a healthy 185, improving both his belly fat and strength.

Host Drew Carey

It’s been about a decade since Drew Carey’s amazing weight loss, but his transformation is one for the record books.

The television host and actor is well known for hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway? and The Price Is Right and playing a chunky, angry office worker on The Drew Carey Show.

When he stepped out after losing close to 100 pounds, fans were stunned. Carey lost weight by taking out refined carbohydrates including soda and bread.

Comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura

This one’s a twofer. There’s nothing like taking on a challenge with your best buddy, and that’s exactly what Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura did when they embarked on an ultra-competitive weight loss competition that ended in early 2017.

Both middle-aged men met their weight loss goal, though Tom ultimately won the overall competition by beating Bert’s 220 final weigh-in with a 216 weigh-in. Their weigh-in was covered on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where they stripped down on camera and hopped on the scale.

Important stakes were set up: the loser had to shave their beard. With motivation like this, it’s no surprise they pulled through together. They also received their own hashtag on the interwebs: #whoisfat. By the end of their hard work, it’s hard to say either of them were.

This competition spurred on Sober October challenges along with their fellow comedians Ari Shaffir and Joe Rogan.

Both Bert and Tom have maintained healthier lifestyles on and off since completing their weight loss challenge.

Celebrate Male Weight Loss Transformations

Give these guys a round of applause. It’s no easy feat to shed the pounds, and male weight loss transformations deserve a lot of praise.

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