What will people be driving this summer?


Now that the Christmas and New Year periods are over and we have returned to that January lull that is neither here nor there, there are a great many people no doubt already willing the cold weather to make itself disappear.

Unfortunately, that is not something that anyone can control, but one of the ways that we often try and get through this month of drudgery is to look forward to the summer days when temperatures will warm up, the days get longer and everyone is quite simply just in a better mood.

There are a number of events that look set to make the summer of 2014 very special indeed, including Brazil’s football World Cup, Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games and the music festival season coming around again.

On top of this, a yearning for more favourable climates is probably also leading a lot of people to start planning their summer holidays already. But for those petrolheads out there, it is likely they have a very different motivation that is keeping them going through the depths of winter.

The Convertibles of 2014

One thing that can actually be an advantage once January passes is the realisation that you have overcome all the financial stresses that came with the Christmas period and maybe even saved a pretty penny over the month as a result of detoxing and capitalising on the sales.

This means that when February comes around, it could be an ideal time to start considering which new car deal could land you your dream roadster this summer.

The next few months look set to be very exciting for the automotive industry, with a host of new models and packages set for release, as well as developments and enhancements to some of the best-loved cars already on the market.

As most would probably agree, the ultimate way to make a statement during the summer is with a convertible. OK, so there may be some who don’t think the unpredictable British weather is forgiving enough for such extravagance.

But while your pals are stuck in an unventilated saloon, bought because of a fixation with spatial practicality rather than a holistic driving experience, it will be the convertible owner who really makes the most of summer 2014. So what will people be driving this summer?

Vauxhall Cascada

This model looks set to be a great all-rounder this summer. Those who are worried that purchasing convertible will lumber you with a model that is too seasonal needn’t have such concerns with this one.

It has plenty of space, four adult-sized seats making it appropriate for the family and is at the more competitive end of the price spectrum – coming in at little over £20,000.

Mini Cooper

Also on many people’s hit lists are likely to be the convertible versions of two of the UK’s most iconic automotive models. The Mini Cooper is on the market in its regular or roadster capacities and offers a reliability and unequivocal coolness that few other cars can offer.

They’re a little more expensive than the Cascade and start from £25,000, but if you want a convertible that that is guaranteed to see you enjoy the best of the sunshine, while still not looking out of place the rest of the year, this could be the way to go.

Ford Mustang

If you want to treat yourself to a convertible that is one of the most timeless feats of engineering, then a Ford Mustang could offer another very attractive proposition this summer. It dwarfs its closest challengers in terms of horsepower and will make for an unforgettable experience as you zip around those winding country roads at the height of the season.

At £27,000, the Cascade or the Mini may be a better choice for the frugal among us, but they simply won’t offer the same kind of exhilarating drive.