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3 awesome road trip routes in the UK

First time visitors to the United Kingdom are often surprised by the abundance of natural beauty that is present throughout the British Isles, holding this conception of a mysterious and medieval London, surrounded by quaint villages in the gently rolling countryside. While visages like this can be found throughout the country, heart stopping scenes of rugged coastline, powerful highland peaks, and gorgeous lakes and rivers are also found with regularity in the United Kingdom. Whether you are

Top Destinations In Manchester, England

With an estimated population of 503,000, there are so many top destinations in Manchester not to miss. Noted for its architecture, scientific and engineering output, culture, and music scene, Manchester is, indeed, worthy of visiting. John Rylands Library As one of the top destinations in Manchester, the John Rylands Library was constructed on 1890 and was completed in the year 1899. A grade 1 listed building, it opened in the year 1900. Its architectural style is Victorian Neogothic. Founded