3 awesome road trip routes in the UK

The roads leading through Snowdonia national park definitely count as one of the awesome road trip routes in the UK

First time visitors to the United Kingdom are often surprised by the abundance of natural beauty that is present throughout the British Isles, holding this conception of a mysterious and medieval London, surrounded by quaint villages in the gently rolling countryside. While visages like this can be found throughout the country, heart stopping scenes of rugged coastline, powerful highland peaks, and gorgeous lakes and rivers are also found with regularity in the United Kingdom.

Whether you are a foreign visitor looking to explore every corner of the kingdom in detail, or a long time citizen looking to break out of the monotony of life in the city, checking out the best Ford car dealerships in the British Isles will yield you a ride, be it new or late model used, that will take you to some of the most awesome road trip routes in the UK.

Below, we will discuss three out of the countless beautiful drives one can take with ease here, no matter whether you have a weekend or a month to kill. Let’s begin with…

1) Lake District, England

While much of England adheres to the bucolic rolling countryside stereotype that is referenced in the introduction, the Lake District in the north breaks from this script in dramatic fashion, as low mountains and deep lakes carved by glacial erosion will cause you to pull over the car on multiple occasions to snap killer photos. Be sure not to miss Lake Windermere, which ranks as the largest fresh body of water in the entire nation.

2) Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Those looking to experience even more mind-melting mountain scenery should steer their automobile towards Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Here, drive B5106, A5, A4068 and A498 between Conwy and Portmeirion to capture the best views that can accessed by those seeking to stay on pavement during their time in this special national park. The snowy peaks in winter, the sublimely beautiful alpine lakes in summer, and the steep sided peaks in all seasons make this drive one that must be taken at some point during your time in the United Kingdom.

3) Isle of Skye, Scotland

Situated on a dramatic peninsula in western Scotland, it is here that the heights of the Scottish Highlands meet the crashing waves of the North Atlantic. A circular route will take you along its rugged shoreline, where you can discover lonely beaches, and trails that lead along the coast, or deeper inland through the windswept moody moors, where one can contemplate their life and their place in this world.