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The rise of eSports: what you need to know

While it seems ridiculous to call any video game a sport, millions of fans worldwide of online games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and League of Legends would beg to differ. The degree of strategy, planning and knowledge required to be successful at these games is staggering, as are many of the prize purses that elite players fight to capture on any given day on the internet. Five years ago, none of this infrastructure or buzz existed. If it sneaked up on you just as it has us, here's

Make Sure You Have Good Internet Security

There are many rules that you should be following to make sure that you stay safe and secure on the Internet. For one thing, always make sure that you don’t completely forget about safety and security. This may seem like a given, But many people just falsely assume that no one is going to try to get their personal or financial information for their own gain. You should not assume this, unfortunately. It is sad to say, but there are many people out there in the rest of the country and the rest

How Computers Make The World Go Round

Everyone uses computers these days. From the smartphone you carry with you everywhere to the point of sale system at your favorite store, computers literally make the world go around. Most American households have at least one computer under their roof, if not many. Most people have both a laptop and a desktop computer. On top of that, many people have tablets and smartphones, which still have their own little computer brains. A lot of little parts, and some bigger ones, go into creating