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Welcoming a Wheelchair Bound Family Member into Your Home

Life in a wheelchair presents challenges just about anywhere that person goes. Many sidewalks do not adequately accommodate wheelchairs, even though this is often mandated by law. This is also the case with restaurants, even though they too must legally provide access into and through their establishments. Commercial buildings and elevators can be problematic as well. Even today many are too small or do not provide adequate safety or access for wheelchair-bound disabled people. Buses,

Why Aren’t You Using Big Data to Establish Information Security?

It can be very easy for an enterprise to feel vulnerable in today's complex cyber environment. Barely a day goes by without some large-scale security breach getting reported in the news. The threat of attacks can definitely put a damper on the enthusiasm of embracing digital technologies and diving into the world of Big Data as a small business. However, there are many ways companies can proactively identify and prevent threats and cyber-crimes. Big Data can be used as a tool to keep enterprises

Save cash and stay in shape with Groupon

More than a few of us are guilty of not doing enough exercise, but in many cases it's not so much due to our laziness as it is to do with being able to afford it. Exercise classes and gym memberships can be really expensive, and sometimes it's not so easy to justify the cost when we have bills and mortgages to take care of first. But the huge number of discounts on gym classes at Groupon's wellness section mean it may be time for a rethink. With discounts of up to 50 percent available for crossfit

BoConcept Takes Advertising to a New Level of Cool!

BoConcept, the luxury furniture retailer, just released a 5 minute short, "The Guest", starring Mads Mikkelssen. Name doesn't sound that familiar? Remember the bad ass villain from James Bond Casino Royale who bled out of his eyes? Ya, that guy, and guess what, he's actually pretty funny. We've seen a few big brands opt for shorts instead of traditional advertising recently, and also they took the route of hiring a big name actor to anchor it. BoConcept does a great job of not only offering an

How you should get ready for a first date!

While it’s tempting to believe that any woman will fall at the feet of a greasy, beer-bellied, belching guy with spaghetti Bolognese stains all over his t-shirt (he ate Bolognese three days ago), we all know that slobs rarely get the girl. Instead, it’s those well-groomed, Brad Pitt types that women swoon over. You know– guys with six packs that would make an advert for Diet Coke look tame and a jawline so sharp that it could chop down a great oak tree with its manliness. Yeah, you’re thinking,