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The rise of eSports: what you need to know

While it seems ridiculous to call any video game a sport, millions of fans worldwide of online games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and League of Legends would beg to differ. The degree of strategy, planning and knowledge required to be successful at these games is staggering, as are many of the prize purses that elite players fight to capture on any given day on the internet. Five years ago, none of this infrastructure or buzz existed. If it sneaked up on you just as it has us, here's

Why rubber flooring is must in public spaces?

It is essential that any space in which people exercise, or a lot of people walk across, there is flooring that is firm yet supportive. Areas such as playgrounds, leisure centres, gyms, martial arts studios, schools and other areas all require this type of flooring, and this is to reduce the chance of injury. In these areas, people will be running, jumping and generally putting strain on their joints. They therefore need to have supportive flooring which will reduce the impact and allow people

The Interplay Between FC Barcelona’s Transfer Rumours and Presidential Elections

The summer transfer window is here and Barca's presidential elections are fast approaching. So which new sign-ups should the fans of the current Champions of Europe expect in the next few months? As expected, during this time of the year, Barcelona will feature regularly in stories about transfer of top professional footballers. Despite the current transfer ban set by FIFA, the Catalons are still allowed to sign on players but they can't register them fully until January 1st, 2016. To make

The Biggest Horse Races in The World

Have you recently got into equestrian, and you are looking for top tier events to attend or watch? The biggest horse races in the world have all the excitement you can handle and more, abd we've outlined them below for your convenience … you can thank us later! 1) Kentucky Derby Known as the most exciting two minutes in sports, the running of the Kentucky Derby is one of the cornerstone traditions in American horse racing circles, as it is easily the most attended and watched event of its kind

Make the Transition from Virtual Reality to Real Reality

Developers are always constantly making advancements in the video game industry. At Facebook’s F8 developer conference in tech hub San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg discussed possible applications for virtual reality, including using the technology to make more immersive video games. Oculus, a VR company that Facebook acquired in 2014, is making giant strides in virtual reality gaming. You can almost feel the action. Almost, but not quite. While video games are an excellent way to keep yourself