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All You Need to Know About The New European Visa Process

In Europe visa free travel for a large number of nations around the world has been something which they have always looked to promote and whilst this is something which won’t disappear entirely, there are some key changes which are being made for citizens from outside the EU.   As of the 1st of January 2021 the European Union will fully roll out the new ETIAS which many citizens living outside of the Schengen Zone will have to apply for before visiting countries within the European

Pokemon Go is Sweeping The World!

Like a phoenix out of the digital ashes, Pokemon Go seemed to materialize out of thin air into the app store, and within mere days, had millions of users. No, this wasn't just some app meant for passing a few minutes while sitting on the throne, Pokemon Go has people, well, going! The app has been a true phenomena, and one that has created droves of zombie-like herds of people glued to their phones as they meander around "reality" attempting to scoop up Pokemons lurking in this dimension. You'll

Rums of Puerto Rico: Celebrating Innovation for 500 Years

Puerto Rico is a veritable paradise with a long and storied history. This beautiful island nation is both part of the US, while still enjoying a level of autonomy as well. One of the first Spanish colonies in the new world, Puerto Rico has an amazingly rich heritage comprised of a melange of different types of people that have come, gone and stayed on this island oasis for thousands of years. Part Caribbean, Part Hispanic, and Part American, Puerto Rico offers lucky visitors the best of all

How to Spend your Alone Time in a Meaningful Way

We all need some time to spend alone, it's important for our health and wellness. A time when there's nobody around, and we can be - and do - whatever we want. The only problem is that when we find the time to be alone, we often find ourselves asking "And now what?". The following list might give you a hint on how you can spend your alone time in a great, meaningful way.

1. Take an aromatherapy bath

One of the best things to do when you are alone is to take a long, relaxing

The Interplay Between FC Barcelona’s Transfer Rumours and Presidential Elections

The summer transfer window is here and Barca's presidential elections are fast approaching. So which new sign-ups should the fans of the current Champions of Europe expect in the next few months?

As expected, during this time of the year, Barcelona will feature regularly in stories about transfer of top professional footballers. Despite the current transfer ban set by FIFA, the Catalons are still allowed to sign on players but they can't register them fully until January 1st, 2016. To make